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sama-sama kita menyokong saudara seagama kita!!!

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REAL MUSLIM MY Voted for Palestine Palestine (13 minutes 55 seconds ago)
islam is a glory, israel is a story. islam is a truth, israel is always rude. islam is everything, israel is nothing. islam is a diamond, israel is a stone. islam is the best, israel is a puppet, i`m standing on islam i`m ready to jihad i`m ready to see the truth. boycott israel laknatullah!!!
DO THE ARABS WANT PEACE? US Voted for Israel Israel (13 minutes 15 seconds ago)
If Arabs sought true peace and reconciliation with Israel, all conflict would end tomorrow. Not until the Arabs/Muslims renounce violence and Jew-hatred, nothing will change. If you truly want peace for the Palestinians, your anger should be directed towards groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah.
sayasays MY Voted for Palestine Palestine (45 seconds ago)
peace for the world..peace for for palestin!!
adith Observer (1 minute 45 seconds ago)
palestine should to have their own country... they should... but israel does not have the land even 1cm...
rango MY Observer (2 minutes 8 seconds ago)
i vote for palestine..wheres the human right that UN talks about eh?
hamba allah,... MY Voted for Palestine Palestine (2 minutes 16 seconds ago)
why do you support zionis....even the wise jews in america hate zionis and some of them like palestinians better.... and the original country in the old map is used to be palestin, not israel....poor zionie because they are trying to take other country because they dont have one....but believe me that allah will not let it happan....
altamis Voted for Palestine Palestine (2 minutes 50 seconds ago)
dah tertulis dlm qur\'an yg orang kafir akan ke neraka jahanam.kaum yahudi yg menkaji qur\'an pun tahu perkara ni.x ada yg boleh mengubah nya kecuali allah .....
NoNAME MY Voted for Palestine Palestine (3 minutes 24 seconds ago)
dont be rude...we dont insult you..plsss dont be rude..May Allah give u right path....AMIN..
| S R Voted for Palestine Palestine (3 minutes 37 seconds ago)
Peace and love has voted every minute. Is this not cheating. Is this how Isreal is going to get ahead-- by cheating-- Surprise surprise. Nor much Peace and Love there I see--- More get ahead by any means necessary-- Shame on you so called Peace and Love.
Nisar choudary Voted for Palestine Palestine (6 minutes 21 seconds ago)
Vote for Palestine

so..what are you waiting for!!click the link and VOTE!!!

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