Top 10 Most Googled Women on Internet 2010

Believe most of the internet geek love to search celebrity and beautiful women photos in google. Who do you think is the top most googled women in 2010? Here giving you a list of the top ten most google searched for ladies of the internet.
Top # 10: Shakira with 28,700,000 Results
Top # 9: Avril Lavigne with 28,900,000 Results
Avril Lavigne is one of my favorite personal most googled women in the web. She is a pop singer, Canadian song writer, fashion designer and actress. Her single “Complicated” as did the albumLet Go peaked number one in numerous country billboard chart.
Top # 8: Paris Hilton with 33,200,000 Results
Top # 7: Miley Cyrus with 34,100,000 Results
Miley Cyrus is a pop singer and American actress which gain her popularity as a role Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel sitcom Hannah Montana. 
Top # 6: Britney Spears with 46,600,000 Results
Top # 5: Rihanna 53,900,000 Results
Well known pop princess which claimed No 1 in Billboard for her debut single “Umbrella”. On early 2009, Rihanna had violent case with her ex boyfriend singer Chris Brown who was arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats. Well, after that Rihanna recover from the pain and continue pay full concentration on her career. Read more about Rihanna Tattoos – Meaning, Pictures and Explanation.
Top # 4: Beyonce With 55,200,000 Results
Top # 3: Madonna With 61,300,000 Results
Top # 2: Ke$ha With 76,100,000 Results
Ke$ha known as Kesha Rose Sebert is an America singer, rapper and song writer. Her breakthrough album in early 2009 after appear on Flo Rida’s number one single Right Round. Kesha top debut single “Tik Tok” reached top one on eleven country.
Top # 1: Lady Gaga With 85,900,000 Results
Who don’t know Lady Gaga? She is the number one singer which her debut album ” The Fame” reached top one in UK, Canada, Ireland, and German and follow by numerous awards winner in Grammy Awards. She well known of her strange costume designs and several sexy tattoos which inked on her body.

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